A History

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


When I first heard these two words, the image of white walls and a sparse looking home came to mind. I imagined a place that had no creature comforts and no personality. It sounded like something I wouldn't like to live in. Maybe couldn't is the better word. For awhile, I was resistant to the thought of simplifying my life because I liked my stuff. I had this notion that I couldn't own anything that means something to me. I'm glad I grew out of this young mindset!

However, the more I began to experiment with the idea of simplicity and minimalism, the more I began to try to incorporate this philosophy into my routine and life. When  I was a college student, simplicity and minimalism worked well with my lifestyle. For years, I lived in small rooms and/or apartments and I didn't have a choice to bring all of my possessions. I wouldn't have room to walk if I did!

Thinking back, I was most involved with simplicity and minimalism when I lived in the university dorms. More specifically, when I lived in the dorms during the summer for my campus job. I didn't want to bring a lot of possessions since I'd only be there for a few months, but I wanted some treasured possessions to bring comfort and to show my individuality.

This small space caused me to be creative in how I wanted to decorate. I try to live by the idea that if every possession is treasured, no possession is treasured.

Now that I've been living in an apartment for quite awhile, I've found that it's becoming harder to live by these ideas of simplicity and minimalism. There's so much more room to stuff it with things! Some days, I have to take a moment and look around our home, and just appreciate what we have.

I've come to learn that this is a lifelong process and it's my hope that my daily experience with simplicity and minimalism can help you on your journey with yours.