Surviving the Holidays: Part One

Monday, November 30, 2015

 Here is the first part in a multi-part guide for help in surviving the holiday season. Enjoy!

Some tips on gift giving:

-You can't buy love

-Be grateful, even though you may not have liked/wanted the gift, someone still took the time to think of you.

-Don't start a credit card. This is a personal decision, but don't start a credit card if you can't afford the payments. Another important thing to consider is if you're really getting the best benefits from having a credit card.

-Re-use bags and/or upcycle wrapping. Be creative! Fabric is reusable and makes cute wrapping.

-Don't give out of guilt. Personally, I think it detracts from the meaning of the season.

-If you can't use the gift someone got you, don't keep it out of guilt. (I'm guilty of this!) Passing on a gift may cause some friction, so you may have to explain why you gave the gift away. Besides, if it can help someone else more than it can help you, isn't that a good thing?

What are some of your tips regarding gift giving?

Simply Yours,

A. Leah