Guest Blogger: Melanie

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Minimalist Wardrobe: Where to begin and how to maintain it

When asked to write an article about the minimalist wardrobe I didn’t know where to begin. There is a lot that goes into downsizing your wardrobe that most people don’t initially think about. When my friends read the generic “How To” articles online, they think they are going to follow a set of rules and get it all done in a day. This is simply not true for most of us. It is a journey that requires revisiting but it is worth all your effort. So here I am, giving you a simple foundation for your minimalist wardrobe.

There are many reasons people downsize their closet. They either do it for the trend, the aesthetic, to organize themselves, to clear their thoughts, find a sense of control, to save money, create less waste etc. Whatever the reason you start, it is important to keep that in mind as you create and maintain your wardrobe.

So what the heck is a minimal wardrobe? A minimal wardrobe is a wardrobe that is comprised of only pieces that you ABSOLUTELY NEED, pieces that are good quality which will last you a long time, and pieces that are versatile.

Here are my TEN tips and tricks for beginning and maintaining your wardrobe.

FIND YOUR PURPOSE: Figure out the reason for this change. When you have a driving purpose and vision for why you want to downsize your wardrobe, it makes it so much easier to get rid of things and keep your wardrobe small.

VISUALIZE: Make a list of all the items that would be in your dream wardrobe. If you have an exact layout of what you want your minimalist wardrobe to be, you can fit the things you have into your vision and toss anything that doesn’t align with that vision.

KEEP IT TO A MINIMUM: If your ideal wardrobe consists of 30 pieces, keep only 30 hangers in your closet at all times. This will help you maintain your small wardrobe. If you buy anything more than that, you have to replace or donate an item.

FIND YOUR STYLE: Realize that a minimal wardrobe doesn’t have to be all black white or grey. You can incorporate your personal style into a smaller wardrobe. Often times when we being to downsize we actually are able to more easily identify our unique style.

COMPARTMENTALIZE: To make the process easier, take out all your clothes, lay them out and put all the similar articles of clothing together, this way you can see exactly what you have excess of. This will help you see what you really need to cut down on and can show you what kinds of things you love the most.

PILES PILES PILES: Create a pile of clothes you want to keep, clothes you aren’t sure about and clothes you want to donate. Put the things you’re unsure of in a box, tuck it away and if you pull anything out of it to wear, keep that item. If 6 months pass by and you don’t touch anything in there, toss it.

GET SOCIAL: Don’t be afraid to ask a friend for help! Sometimes an outside perspective is an amazing tool. They won’t have the same sentimental attachment to your items, so they can give you a fresh perspective about what you should eliminate.

REPURPOSE YOUR ITEMS: One of the best ways to immortalize your sentimental items is to turn them into a nice warm quilt! This works especially well for t-shirts. If you don’t wear something but want it to remain a part of your every day, repurpose it into something that you will actually use or give it to someone who will cherish it as much as you do.

MAKE YOUR OWN RULES: Get a new job that requires office clothes? Go ahead and add that to your wardrobe. Realize that everyone is unique and that your wardrobe is going to reflect that. There is no one way to do it.

FORGIVE YOURSELF: Whether you are well seasoned or just starting out, if you give in to impulse shopping once or twice, it isn’t the end of the world. We are only human. Everyone makes mistakes. Sticking to a minimal wardrobe takes time and patience

Whether you are a beginner or have been a minimalist for years, I hope that these tips can help you. The benefits of having a minimal wardrobe are well worth the effort. You will find that you have much more time to focus on your life instead of what you are going to wear.  You will be left with only clothes that you love and use every single day. Your style will be so streamlined that you’ll feel truer to yourself than ever. You’ll waste less, save more. You’ll be free of all that clutter. Getting that weight off your shoulders is such a euphoric feeling. Enjoy the results & keep it going.

Love & Light,
Melanie Genevieve Ramos

Instagram: @Sweetissimo