Continuing My 2016 Goals

Monday, February 29, 2016

It's almost March and I'm still trying to continue my goals for 2016. The post can be viewed here: 2016 Goals.

I've done fairly well with trying to use less paper and more sustainable fabric for daily living. My mom gave me a bunch of vintage hankies that I used when I had a cold. I've also cut up a few old shirts to use as a towel when I paint. I have plans to use an old wet wipes plastic box to put the hankies in instead of buying tissues. My next project will probably be a woven rug so I can use up extra shirts or clothing that is too damaged to send to a thrift store. I don't just want to throw them away and have them take years to decompose in a landfill.

I've had a more difficult time following my goal of acquiring fair trade clothing. It's so easy to walk into any store, and buy something right off the rack. No waiting for it to be delivered. Our society is instant gratification, and I'm no stranger to it. I've never had an issue buying second hand (I love thrift stores), but it's so difficult to find new clothing that isn't made in a third world country by underpaid factory workers. However, I'm excited that one of my friends became a LuLaRoe Consultant. You can find her page here: ShopLuLaRoewithSaraFraza. Most of the clothing is American made. Sara was very open and honest to me about where the clothing is made and answered my numerous questions. The clothing is made from imported materials, but I felt this venture was a good place to start in my journey.