Minimalism & Jewelry

Monday, April 18, 2016

I often get asked my feelings about minimalism and jewelry. I myself love to wear jewelry. I find that it's a way for me to express myself. I do, however, like to keep my jewelry in check to make sure that it doesn't get out of control.

Now, I don't believe that external possessions will give us everlasting happiness. I believe that experiences do. However, I do think wearing jewelry is okay if it gives us joy or if it reminds us of a certain practice, such as a Christian wearing a cross or a Buddhist wearing a Lotus flower.

I also believe that wearing a jewelry piece that is meaningful can help you. I wear 4 bracelets on my left wrist from some very special friends in my life. Whenever I'm going through a rough time, I look at the bracelets and am reminded of the love and great support system I have.

Some of the bracelets I wore for Opening Day

Although I do wear jewelry, I only keep pieces that have a special significance to me. I've given some pieces to my friends or have donated them to people who will enjoy it more than myself.

My relationship with jewelry tends to ebb and flow. I find myself going through phases where I will wear one pair of earrings for days in a row.  I do the same thing for my wedding ring. I inherited two bridal sets from both of my Grandmas, and maybe it's not very minimalist of me, but I don't have the heart to get rid of one set. I'd like to keep it in the family and pass it down. I was extremely close to one of my Grandmas and I couldn't imagine giving away the few pieces of jewelry I inherited from her. It's a reminder of how truly inspiring she has been to me as a woman.

My current jewelry list includes:
4 rings (including the two bridal sets)
3 necklaces
3 sets of earrings
8 bracelets (Clearly, I'm a sucker for bracelets!)
5 membership pins

As with anything related to minimalism, you make it work for you!

Simply Yours,

A. Leah