Low Waste Kit

Monday, May 02, 2016

A good friend of mine inspired me to work harder on my goal of reducing waste. So I made it a point to invest in some high quality canvas bags that were sturdy enough to support a substantial amount of weight. I also invested in some glass jars to carry in the bag. The last addition to my low waste bag were a few fabric quarters to wrap my glass jars in.

In the little town that I live in, only one store would let me use the glass jar for their bulk products instead of their plastic bags. Luckily, I'll be moving soon and have hope that this bigger city will allow me to bring in my own glass jars.

Some stores were even uncomfortable with me bringing in my own bag. I'm not sure if this was their way of making sure I didn't steal anything or to make sure I would buy their own brand of reusable bags. Either way, I was sad to leave my Low Waste Kit in the car.

I'm currently still working on my Kit and hope to find a reusable straw and a nice closeable mug in case I want something hot. I also plan on knitting koozie for my mug, instead of using the cardboard ones coffee shops tend to give you. Here's to improving my low waste goal!

What are some things that you would want in your Low Waste Kit?

Simply Yours,

A. Leah