Simplify Your Books

Monday, June 27, 2016

Before I became a minimalist, I had a massive amount of books, just sitting there. It seemed like I just wanted books to have books. I would read them, then put them back on the shelves, where they would just sit. Looking back, I'm amazed on how much space they took up. 
Even though I'm a minimalist, I still do have some books. There are three or four books that I'm not ready to sell or donate yet, due to how much I reference them. I also keep on average of twelve books at a time that I rotate.

Here are some simple ways if you are interested in dwindling down your book collection:

1. Sell them.
If they're new-ish textbooks, or in relatively good condition, you may be able to get some cash for them. Search the internet to see if you can find any used bookstores, so you'll be able to keep your money local.

2. Donate to a Library. 
If you think you'll want to read the book again, or if it wasn't in food enough condition to sell, donate it to a local library. This not only helps out you in downsizing, but it helps out the community.

3. Purge the Books You've Already Read.
Go through your pile and think if you want to keep the books. If you're like me, you probably don't re-read many books and they're just taking up space.

4. Purge Fiction Ruthlessly.
Especially popular fiction. Fiction is the most common type of book to read, so if you donate it or sell it, it probably won't be hard to get the book back if you'd like it again.

5. Start a Lending Group.
This is what I tend to do. I'll trade books with my friends every few weeks. This saves me money and allows me to read new books I may not have thought to read previously.  


  1. Yes to being especially mindful of fiction! I find that most ofthe books I bring home and never read or start and never finish are fiction books...

  2. I'm going through all my books and getting rid of the ones I don't absolutely love. I never thought I'd part with any of my books, but time has a way of making you see things differently.........