Paper Clutter

Monday, August 29, 2016

It seems that no matter how much I employ minimalism into my daily life, I still struggle with paper clutter. Organized clutter is still clutter, and that's what I had. Luckily, yesterday, I went through a major cleaning spree and finally organized my paper clutter. Basically, I just got sick of having a hard time finding a document or something that I needed. I can't begin to imagine how much time I wasted rummaging through my few places where I tend to stuff my paperwork.

If you're interested in banishing your paper clutter, here's what I did to help deal with mine:

Go throughout your home and find your paper clutter. Check drawers, bins, and all of those other places that are notorious for storing clutter. Gather up all of your paper clutter and put it into one big pile. Then start thinking of how you want your paper clutter organized.

Once you've figured on how you want your documents organized, start separating them into different piles. For example, my piles included: Creative Ideas, Work/Career, and Personal. Anything else that didn't fit into those piles, was shredded. My biggest pile was my Creative pile. I always carry a journal with me just in case I get an idea when I'm out. I also keep one on my bed because I frequently get inspiration in the middle of the night. So as you can imagine, I had a lot of paper with ideas on them to go through.

I'm a sucker for office supplies and organizers, so now my paper clutter has diminished and is all neatly organized. Right now is a good time to get out and get some nice office supplies due to school starting soon. For example, I got my nice photo box for my Creative ideas for $2. I also have everything labeled, so when I'm looking for a certain type of document, I can easily see what folder it is in.

Once I was done sorting, organizing, or shredding, I made a rule with myself on how I would handle paper in the future. I now have a designated place in the kitchen for mail and other documents that need to be sent out. Instead of just putting it on the table or stuffing it in my purse, I made the rule that I immediately have to deal with it. Lastly, I switched all of my paper mail that I could to online statements to decrease the paper in the future.