Thirty One Day Challenge

Monday, August 01, 2016

For the month of August, I've compiled a list of things that I'll be doing each day.  I'm excited for what will happen and will be blogging my experiences throughout the challenge. I challenge you to try this too! You might be surprised with what you find out about yourself.

August's Birth Flower: Gladiolus
It symbolizes sincerity and strength of character. 

Day 1- Don't spend any money for one day
Day 2-Contact an old friend you've lost touch with 
Day 3-Identify 5 things you're grateful for
Day 4-Stay offline for a full day
Day 5-Find time to read a book for 20 minutes
Day 6-Look at your spending habits for the month of July
Day 7-Set up a new realistic budget if you need to
Day 8-Clean out your closet
Day 9-Don't plan anything for a day
Day 10-Create a morning ritual
Day 11-Get rid of your digital clutter
Day 12-Start something you've been putting off
Day 13-Don't want TV for 24 hours
Day 14- Do yoga, meditate, or color for 20 minutes
Day 15-Let go of something that is bothering you
Day 16-Don't complain for 24 hours
Day 17-Sit in the quiet
Day 18-Create a bedtime ritual
Day 19-Do something for someone else
Day 20-Focus on your task at hand
Day 21-Clean out a junk drawer (or two!)
Day 22-Identify your emotional clutter
Day 23-Forgive someone who has wronged you
Day 24-Go for a walk outside
Day 25-Have a self-care day
Day 26-Donate 10 items
Day 27-Clear out your paper clutter around your home
Day 28-Condense or throw up your duplicates 
Day 29-Use your talents to create something
Day 30-Practice deep breathing
Day 31-Reflect on what you've learned about yourself 

Good luck!

A. Leah