Getting Your Creativity Back (Without Writing)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Are you stuck with a creative project? Here are five ways to help you get unstuck! 

1. Talk with others
Talk to a friend or a family member about what you're struggling with. A different point of view

2. Get a change of scenery
Nature inspires me, so taking a quick walk outside not only makes me feel refreshed, it also helps me to be creative again.

3. Clean your space
If I don't have a clean space, I find that I'm more stressed. Sometimes I even feel a little anxious due to the clutter.

4. Briefly focus on something else
Take a quick breather. I know if I focus on something too much, I don't seem to get anywhere.

5. Color something
Or paint. Or draw. This still allows you to be creative, while using a different outlet.