Letting Go: Part 1

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Most of us have lost a great relationship or friendship. But like anything hard in life, we need to let go eventually. Otherwise, it can become heavy and weigh us down. 

Don't let your grief weigh you down

I recently had to let go of a 9 year friendship. What made it even worse for me; was that I had no idea what happened. I consider my friends as my family, so I was having a hard time. We went from talking weekly, to her not answering my messages. I tried for six months, because I just couldn't accept that our supposedly strong friendship was floating away. I finally let go when I saw on Facebook that she went through a major life event. In my mind, if I was important as I used to be, she would've told me about this. 

On one hand, I was hurt. But on the other hand, oddly, I felt...free. It meant that I don't have to keep trying. Seeing that big change in her life, and not being in it, helped me realize that I can let go of my lost friendship. Another benefit of letting go of my grief? It made me that much more grateful to have the friends that I do have. 

A few friends who knew about this situation asked me if I would ever accept her friendship again. And I think I would. I doubt it'd be in the same capacity, but since I was slowly pushed away, there may have been issues that I wasn't aware of. Who knows? All I know is that my grief is no longer holding me down. 

Simply Yours, 

A. Leah 

*This is Part One of a two part series 


  1. I'm sorry you lost this friendship....but these things happen all the time and sometimes--it's actually "freeing".
    I lost a friend of 30 years. She became addicted to painkillers and was not the person I used to know. It was very painful to let go, but afterwards, I realized how much better life was without all the drama. She had no desire to change anything in her life---she became a clingy, needy, emotional drain. It was beginning to affect MY life as well. After years of being there for her, I couldn't do it any longer.