Twenty Things to Do This Summer

Thursday, June 08, 2017

-Go on a walk in nature
-Have a picnic
-Make sun tea (you can find my recipe here)
-Go camping
-Pick some flowers and dry them (make sure they're not poisonous or endangered first)
-Visit a local festival
-Play flashlight tag
-Learn to identify plants outside
-Support your local farmer's market
-Take a nap outside (make sure to wear sunscreen!)
-Have a yard sale to get rid of unwanted objects. Whatever doesn't sell, donate
-Play in the sprinkler
-Sit and watch the clouds go by
-Blow some bubbles
-Play disc golf
-Tour a brewery or winery
-Tie-dye some clothing
-Have a water balloon fight (make sure to clean up the balloons)

What are your plans this summer?

Simply Yours, 

A. Leah