Know Thyself

Monday, January 08, 2018

I think it's important for us to stop and do some self-reflection every once in awhile. Why not start your self-reflection for the new year? Here are questions that I use with clients to help them get to know themselves better.

If you want to go one step more, write down and keep your answers. It's always interesting to go back and see how much you've grown!

-What does your perfect day look like?
-What inspires you to do better?
-If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
-What scares you the most?
-Who is someone you admire? Why?
-What are some of your strengths?
-What are some new activities you've been too afraid to try?
-Where do you feel safest?
-What color describes you? Why?
-What are your most important values?
-How do you show yourself self-compassion?
-What are your short term goals?
-What are you long term goals?
-Do I challenge myself constantly? 
-Are you a morning person or a night owl?
-When someone comes to you for help, what do they normally come to you for?
-What are you self-conscious about?

Simply Yours,