A Year of Passion: Allysha's Story

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"There's this idea that if you know your passion, you'll have a road map for life. When people talk about being successful, having life well lived, it always comes back to knowing their one great purpose. What happens when you don't have a passion, or maybe you just haven't found it yet?

As a person, I feel like I have a lot of passions. I love helping people, I aspire to write every day, I adore my time in civil service. All of these things and so much more fill my heart, but they don't lead me to knowing my one true calling.

This need to know has filled my life with anxiety and stress as I constantly search for my great big thing. How can I ever live my best life when I don't know who I'm supposed to be? I would bet that you too have had similar thoughts. I'd imagine you've sat down and tallied all of your favorite things, considered each bullet point as if it would make or break your career. Maybe you've felt like a failure because you just can't seem to sort your way through the issue. But listen to this: I don't think we're made to do just one thing. God, or fate, or even just the universe didn't put us all here to be one single thing for the world.

If we were made to do one thing, what would be the point in creating a human experience willed with millions of different memories? You're capable of doing everything you've ever set your mind to because the world needs you to do all sorts of things. Even if you don't know your one true passion, there is still space for you to find a home. One day while you're on the road discovering who you are, you might even find you're great big calling. When you do, be sure to find me and tell me where you're going next."

You can find more of Allysha's thoughts and writings at https://www.allyshalynn.com/