When Life Isn't Simple

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

It's hard to write about simplicity when your life isn't simple.
For the past few months, a few times a week, I would sit down with my notebook and just couldn't think of anything.
I didn't feel authentic to be writing about simplicity when my life wasn't simple. I almost felt guilty writing about it, but then I also felt guilty for not writing something that gives me so much joy in my life. Oh the lovely catch-22 of anxious thinking!

My recent 30th birthday is what inspired me to continue writing. I figuratively sat myself down and had a conversation with myself. I thought about what I would suggest to clients and to encourage them pursue something that brings them happiness. Sometimes us therapists need to take our own advice!

So here I am. Living a simple life, or not so simple life, I'm going to continue carrying on with what makes me happy.